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Pupils from Ysgol Clydau were delighted to have visitors to their school last week bearing gifts and prizes. Pupils have been working on sustainability in the school and decided they needed a compost bin to put their fruit peel and scraps in.
They wrote a letter to the Council to ask for one and last Wednesday not one, but four compost bins were presented to the school!
In addition to the compost bins, the school received their bronze Sustainable Schools Award from Councillor Huw George in acknowledgement of the work they have done minimising waste and litter, saving water and living healthily.
'It is evident, walking around the school, how items are reused in different ways instead of being thrown away', said Janie Pridham, Sustainable Schools Officer. 'This important part of sustainable living is becoming part of the ethos of the school, as we can see today with the delivery of the compost bins'.
The Sustainable Schools Award scheme recognises efforts to improve the local environment and quality of life now without damaging the planet for future generations.
Pupils have already talked about where they will put the compost bins, and how they will need to fix the lids with wire handles because the site is so windy. They are now looking forward to using their own home grown compost on their plants next year.
Pictured with pupils are:
Mark Hazell
Keith Goffin
Hywel Gibbs, Waste Education and Awareness Officer
Janie Pridham, Sustainable Schools Officer,
Catrin Davies, teacher,
Enfys Howells, headteacher
and trying the bin out for size, Cllr. Huw George


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