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  • Merger talks idea welcomed
    A Ceredigion councillor has welcomed calls by the leader of Pembrokeshire County Council to have joint talks on the possibility...
  • Town clerk turns biker-chick
    A town clerk turned into a biker-chick after councillors organised a special send-off for her retirement last weekend.
  • Reorganisation talks
    The leader of Pembrokeshire County Council has announced plans to start reorganisation talks with Ceredigion.

A little about Tegryn


Preseli Hills

Tegryn, Pembrokeshire is a small village, high in the Preseli hills situated in the North of Pembrokeshire West Wales. The village is built on the upper slopes of Frenni Fawr {the 3rd highest peak in the range , as a result of which we have magnificent views in all directions. On the down-side however, there is nothing to protect us from the gales blowing inland from the Irish sea {when I first moved here I was shocked to see rain, snow, and hail falling sideways - but now it seems quite normal !. Tegryn is also notorious for mist. Having said all that, I have to say that on a clear and bright summer day our village and its surrounding area is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen. See for yourself on our picture page.

Being a small rural community, we are lucky to have a Pub, Post Office, two Garages, Chapel and a newly formed area Primary School in the village. Our bus service consists of one trip per week to and from Cardigan, and one per month to and from Carmarthen, so anyone without a car or motorbike is faced with a four-mile walk {all downhill} to the nearest bus route. This is no great problem for a reasonably fit person, BUT, the return trip {heavily laden with shopping} is, of course, all UPHILL. Fortunately, there is a great sense of community here and it is usually fairly easy to find someone willing to provide transport.